Mother’s Day Emergency

On Mother’s Day 2010 a motorcycle rider appeared to have fallen off of his bike in a Westbury neighborhood of Southwest Houston.

Photo of a Foto

Bassist Tim Ruiz of La Mafia fame asked me to shoot a gig he had at House of Blues (Jan. 29, 2011) with the music group Vargas | De La Garza. This picture catches a fan taking a photo with a camera phone.

Borrowed time

February of 2010, I lost my grandfather Roger Plail. He was a complex man who taught me much and I loved him. On Saturday my mom and I drove through upstate New York to spread his cremated remains. We stopped at a Wayland cemetery afterwards and I found a gravestone with my name on it. [...]

Lights in the Heights

Went to cool DIY photography meet up group and we made Bokehs. Later that night a few friends and I went to Lights in the Heights to try this sucker out.

Maunabo Mango

On a summer afternoon during my first visit to Puerto Rico we (Abuela, Abuelo and I) were treated to freshly picked mangos from a cousin’s tree in Maunabo. There is nothing like a juicy fruit straight from the tree to your mouth.
Update: April 9, 2011  R.I.P. – Jay
John Jay Chapman, II
Born May 30, 1926 in [...]

Houston Art Car

This viking roller skater did disappoint me in the pillaging department. But in the 2009 Art Car Parade, he was a perfect compliment to the Houston Grand Opera’s art car.

Carnival, H-town style!

Bateria Terceira Costa samba group primes the celebrants of Brazilian Carnival at a Kahlua Disco in southwest Houston February 13, 2010.


I forget who was I talking to when they said children dressed as adults looks pretty silly. Well, I love this photo no matter what anyone says.


Wearing my Rev. Johnny hat I had the good fortune to officiate a wedding between two friends. The Austin based dance band Pong rocked the house and got the party really going. All weddings should be this much fun!

Man vs. Nature

Although hurricane Alex made landfall in northern Mexico to start the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season, the Houston area got much of the rain. A dirt bike rider cruises down a flooded White Oak Drive near Sabine Street July 2nd, 2010.